Structured Wiring

Today’s home wiring includes more than the standard electrical component connections. Dedicated wiring for video, data, telephone, and intercom are standard requirement for any new home construction. Structured wiring consists of “home run” cables from each room in the house back to a central distribution panel. Structured wiring typically uses RG6 cabling for video signals rather than the prior standard of 59, which cannot transfer digital images. For voice and data transfer we use Category 5e or Category 6 wiring. Just about every piece of electronics today require a data connection used for audio and video streaming or firmware upgrades. No matter how good wireless technology gets, HARD wiring is and ALWAYS will be the best solution.

Structured wiring is not limited to only new construction. We can retrofit your existing home or renovation with structured wiring. Structured wiring doesn’t have to be installed in your entire home. Maybe your simply looking to add a cable or data outlet for a new TV location or a network streaming device. Although we make every effort to conceal wiring without damage there are instances where there are no means to retrofit other than cutting into sheet rock, repair the sheet rock, and then repaint.